Ecuador, November 2012


On December 1, 2012, the HRFU team returned from Archidona and by all accounts the patients did well. Although it was the first surgery trip for the Timmy Foundation, lead by August Longino, they did an extraordinary job supporting the team.

Dr. Wexler, Dr. Campanelli, and Dr. David Partrick (a Pediatric surgeon) operated on 68 patients and there were no known complications. Dr. Cynthia Ferris, anesthesiologist extraordinaire, provided wonderful care. Flexibility, knowledge of underserved country conditions and competence are her hallmarks. Dr. Kevin Buckley examined patients pre-operatively and filling in where needed. Five nurses from Calgary, Canada ensured the standard of care was maintained and loving care was provided.

One important aspect of the trip was the welcoming and appreciation of the Ecuadorian people. They repainted the hospital for this trip and have expressed their appreciation in many ways.

Congratulations Team – Well Done!! 

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