Guatemala, November 2012


Led by Dr. Dwijen Misra and his head nurse Dawn Porrit, the HRFU team traveled in early November to the village of San Juan Sacatepeguez about 1-2 hours from the Guatemala City airport. The name of the facility was Salud de Barbara and it is run by Partners in Surgery. Dr. Manuel Torres, a Pediatric surgeon and Dr. Hinshaw a general surgeon along with Dr. Misra performed 52 hernia operations and removed several lumps and bumps. There were no surgical complications.

This was the first trip for this team and to this location.

Dr. Misra reported, “The team and excellent local staff adapted very quickly to a routine. The love I’ve come to feel for the Dominican patients during D.R. missions was replicated with the Guatemalan patients. I cannot imagine not coming back to help the brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and the children of those we were blessed to help. When we left San Juan Sacapeteguez, we said ‘hasta luego,’ not ‘adios.’”

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