Salcedo, Dominican Republic, May 2015

2015 HRFU Dominican Republic Salcedo Trip Summary

The week of May 24th, 2015 was the first HRFU trip to Salcedo, DR.  A team of 16 volunteers from the USA, 3 volunteers from the Peace Corps, and Dr. Lesly Manigat our on-site coordinator, descended upon Hospital Regional Dr. Pascasio Toribio Piantini.  This trip would not have been possible without the interpreter and logistic support provided by the regional branch of the Lions Club, and by generous supply donations from Direct Relief and Fundacion Solidaria.  With this help, the team was able to operate on 42 patients despite disruptions related to an unexpected regional physicians strike – a tremendous success.  Surgery was provided completely free of charge to all patients, with small and large hernias of the abdomen and groin repaired.  All operations were successful, and there were no complications.

The team was incredibly well received by the community and the hospital and its staff.  Many fond memories and new friendships created, with the community and the team looking forward to an even more successful mission next year.

Salcedo_1 2015

The team. From L to R: Mike Elliot, Barb Elliot, Nathanial Misra, Katie Clampitt, Krista Hinman, Dwijen Misra, Chris Hanson, Jessica Porritt, Rebecca Paskiet, Lesly Manigat, Tommy Lee, Amy Vinton, Julia Field, Victoria Conforte, Lisa Lugo, Dawn Porritt, Anna Disque, Fritz Disque, Jeanie Fry, Ron Oconer

Salcedo_2 2015

This trip would not have been possible without supplies from our generous donors.

Salcedo_3 2015

Many new friends were made. Here, Victoria Conforte, Barb Elliot, and Dr. Lesly Manigat pose with some the local nurses and technicians.

Salcedo_4 2015

Patients in the pre-op area.

Salcedo_5 2015

Salcedo_6 2015

Jeanie Fry and Katie Clampitt working the recovery room.  There were no complications.


Salcedo_7 2015

Drs. Misra, Dr. Manigat with Dr. Pedro Hildalgo hospital chief of surgery