Charles J. Filipi, MD
Past President of the
American Hernia Society

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Robert Fitzgibbons, MD
Past President of the
American Hernia Society

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Sergio Roll, MD
Board Member
Past President of the American Hernia Society
Lead, HRFU Brazilian Hernia Education Program

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Giampiero Campanelli, MD
Board Member
President, European Hernia Society

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David Chen, MD
Board Member
Clinical Director
Lichtenstein Amid Hernia Clinic at UCLA

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Robert Cusick, MD
Board Member
Pediatric Surgeon
Children’s Hospital, Omaha, NE

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Wolfgang Reinpold, MD
Board Member
President, German Hernia Society

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Juan Espinoza, MD
Board Member
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA

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Kevin Buckley, MD
Board Member
General Surgeon
St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Clifton, NJ

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Jono Anzalone
Board Member
Vice President, International Services
American Red Cross

Allison Lai
Board Member
Medical Student
Creighton University

Daniel Brownstein
Board Member
B.S. in Biological Sciences
UC Santa Barbara

Jarrod Kaufman, MD
Board Member